About us

About us

Private gym in your home!

Many people prefer to train at home, but having a complete set of workout equipment is usually very spacious and expensive, while cheaper options come with a loss in quality.

We firmly believe that you should be able to train wherever you prefer. Training at home is convenient, private and time-saving opportunity to improve your physical health. 

Fitco is an Estonian based company that offers quality and compact solutions for training at home. Our selection includes workout equipment that is designed to take up minimum amount of space, yet give maximum efficiency for training.

From us you will find adjustable dumbbells for training at home for beginners (2-20kg) and intermediate (2-32kg) trainees. Having a complete dumbbell rack with just one pair.

Fitco hantid

Swedish engineering

Fitco 20kg reguleeritav hantel

2-20KG adjustable dumbbell

Perfect for beginners. Instead of usual adjustable dumbbells, our change in weights is just 2kg all the way up to 20kg.
Fitco 32kg reguleeritav hantel

2-32KG adjustable dumbbell

Perfect for intermediate trainee. Even our heavier dumbbell has a weight change of just 2kg all the way up to 32kg.

Train whenever you wish

Work out from home, office or outdoors whenever you find it suitable.

"Save time - train at home"